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2012 A. D.

Channeled By Lord Jesus Christ

Through Lilly




The Mayan calendar is correct in that there is a dawning of a new age and the ending of one. This is where the new dating system will begin once there is in place two things: The Return of the Lord Jesus Christ in everyone's visual ability, plus the ending of the age of darkness upon the Earth. That is where there will be more and more Light coming into people's visual abilities and they will sense a further vibrational tone of the AUM coming forth more and more into their welcoming Hearts. That is where the Tone of the Spirit brings forth the Inner Peace and Tranquil feeling overall, the Peace that passeth all understanding. It is that which is labeled "Inner Soul Energy" and will become a tone that is readily heard inside one's Heart Chakra. It will be welcomed, too, since it soothes. You also will sense the coming of the Son of Man, is where you will have a new beginning to now start within your own Akashic Records. This new beginning will be an erasure of all past transgressions and starting over as it were. Your past indiscretions which were listed along with major ones will be not listed on the main book. It will be not noticed as strongly inside the book, as it is going to be placed within the back pages, but best of all it will not be dealt with, as the Lord arranged to have a type of clearing, similar to an amnesty arrangement. All is to be considered of the Light, as well, and there will be no more dark times. This is where this is all planned out, and listed, and I am given this in a channeled message directly by the Lord Jesus Christ.

What to expect? There will be times when it seems like it was with the way you are going through life, however, you will be able to ascertain the surrounding area of your Heart Chakra in order to feel Lord Jesus Holy Presence, and then is when you can speak to and have a direct conversation with Him, only if you want to that is, as it is not forced of course.

We are all on the brink of a new beginning, a new era, and this whole event was planned from the time of the first visit by Lord Jesus 2,000 years ago. The Book of Revelation speaks of this time and there were many clues placed there on those pages. Those of the Living Oneness of the Lord Jesus Christ, His Angels wish to say that they, too, welcome the Coming of the Son of Man into their lives as well, and will according to His Holy Will, accompany Jesus Christ down into the lives of those whom He cherishes. As the year 2012 approaches, many will change a change in the "air" so to speak, as well as a sensing of the new beginning upon us. They will in turn notice this gradually as it is becoming clear it is not such a sudden impact as was formerly expected. Thus, this is becoming more and more clear as a gradual awakening process. That which is termed "The Awakening" is now currently in progress. We are all planning this in a gradual ascension process, only to include those willing to become One with Christ in all aspects of His Holiness. We are going to welcome Christ Jesus into our hearts as a planned event, the Angels say and will welcome Him totally into our minds as well, as it is the blending of the 4th through the 8th Chakras into now becoming One Huge Chakra. This will afford us a clearer link overall, plus the growth of the Spirit will include much more advantages within our Energy Pattern.


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