Reiki Healing Light -
Reiki Healing Light - An interesting site devoted to the subject of Reiki, laying on of hands.
Heavenly Midis Songbook -
Thanks to Toffee_Apple_Sweet we have this great link for beautiful online hymns! The site also offers lyrics with the hymns, too. Here is a second link if you wish to download them:

Paranormal and Spirit Investigations -
This is a great site with visual plus audio Spirit encounters. It's worth checking out!

Famous Ghost Photos -
Classic Ghost Photos compiled. I can't say whether they are all genuine, but this site certainly has a lot of them. - This is a good place to learn about the usage of colors and their meaning.


Shirley Catanzaro Ancients Website -
Shirley Catanzaro, gifted Channeler of the Ancients, Lecturer, and Teacher, has a wonderful website with articles ofinterest such as the Ancient's channelings, her articles along with her workshops, poetry, and publications.

'The Awakening Process” is a beautiful CD series that can help people in their own experience of awakening and remembering the truth of who they are, created by Shirley Catanzaro.

Inspirational quotes and stories -
Hope From Beyond Forum- Our Forum Site at Aimoo which is devoted to sharing teaching and discussing information about all psychic abilities. -
Bringing you love light and wisdom. is ever expanding, full of informative articles. Featuring a free Newsletter full of practical advice on a range of topics.

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